We are an owner-managed full-service marketing agency based in Cologne. Brands fascinate us as well as exciting tasks relating to the product and the distribution policy.

Vogelsang is now on board – one of the world’s leading pump manufacturers.

Public expands its branding services to Brazil.

Royal Canin celebrates 12 years of collaboration with Public.

The ham factory “Klümper Schinkenmanufaktur von 1821” assigns the strategic brand building to Public. The second ham brand “Edler Westfale” is built and developed successfully from the start.

This is the year of corporate publishing at Public. For VKE Eltkauf – now e-masters – the member magazine IMPULSE is created and published six times a year, the same frequency of publication as the Mobauplus magazine. On top of this a particularly high-quality customer magazine is designed for BIODROGA.

Mobauplus becomes the first sustainable brand in the building materials trade...

 ... and Dr. Scheller Naturkosmetik (natural cosmetics) becomes a client.

Public drafts and designs the websites of the doctors’ search engines and portals “Docfinderplus” and “Chief Physician Portal” of the sister company com-part (

10 years of cooperation with Biodroga are proof of consistent performance, which is honoured with loyalty.

Within 3 years a campaign pushes the recognition level of PKV, Private Krankenversicherung (private health insurance), from 11% to 34% and Willi Bogner, in collaboration with Public, develops a new fragrance brand.

Fair-traded flowers become a brand at “Fairtrade”.

Royal Canin assigns the national communication in the veterinary field to Public, and shortly thereafter also the promotion budget.


The mineral water brands Brohler and Steinsieker come to Public, and for Sauels “The Norderneyer” is introduced in the food retail trade.

Public supports the fashion company Oviesse in the opening of two stores in Berlin and Cologne, Toys R Us in commercial communication, sales promotion and catalogue design, and for Sauels it develops the packaging of the sausage products for Aldi and Lidl.

Verpoorten must be dramatically rejuvenated, and Public wins the pitch for the tradition-brand in fragrances “Sans Soucis”.

The department store Kaufhof transfers the advertising of all 122 department stores to Public. Biodroga entrusts it’s international communication budget to Public.


Public becomes a member of the IAA International Advertising Association and maintains contact with more than 150 owner-managed advertising agencies worldwide.


Public supports the corporate merger of Wüstenrot and Württembergischen Versicherung from a marketing point of view.

DeBeukelaer becomes a client with the brands TUC and Granola, among others.


After more than 20 years of company experience Gerhard A. Küpper founds the company Public for marketing-oriented communication. His claim: an agency with 100% customer orientation. Nothing has changed to this day.